Sheriff's Administration

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office is located on the south side of Roosevelt Road at 2900 S. Woodrow in Little Rock, Arkansas (501-340-6930). It occupies approximately 15 acres of county land on which the Pulaski County Sheriff's Administrative Offices and the Pulaski County Detention Facility are located. The staff that operates out of this Administrative Complex includes:

  • Sheriff: Doc Holladay (501-340-7060)
  • Chief Deputy: Michael Lowery (501-340-6902)
  • Commander Investigations/Warrants/Judicial Operations: Major Simon Haynes (501-340-6991)
  • Commander Enforcement/Administrative Support Operations: Major Terry Ward (501-340-6990)
  • Investigations: Captain Tony McNair (501-340-6744)
  • Patrol: Captain Robert Lynch (501-340-6945)
  • Administrative: Captain Carl Minden (501-340-7055)
  • Warrants/Judicial: Captain Jim Dixon (501-340-8464)
  • Media Relations: Captain Carl Minden (340-7055)
  • Records (340-6600)

Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 280 lbs.
Age: 49

If you have information about this individual, contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at:

(501) 340-TIPS

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